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Be pleased by the luxurious treatments inspired in different cultures from all over the world. We promise to revitalize your body, soul and spirit.

The Diana Spa owes its name to Évora’s “Roman Temple of Diana”. It is a perfect retreat with a luxurious atmosphere, where modern therapies and history meet. The quality of the treatments, the magnificent view from the Relaxation Room and the interior swimming-pool, all designed to offer tranquillity and the rejuvenation of mind, body and soul.

Our treatments have been created by E’SPA, permitting us to offer a total and luxurious therapeutical experience. E’SPA is the fusion of various elements: natural ingredients of excellent quality, known for their pureness and integrity, facial treatments which combine the best modern and ancestral therapeutical techniques and holistic treatments which produced unequalled results.

E’SPA is many things – it is not dominated by one single element; it is a fusion of many. Deep within its philosophy is the determination to combine the best of ancient and modern therapies with the finest quality ingredients and skincare advances.

The result is an unusual combination of Spa inspired products, treatments and services that harness the best of aromatherapy, hydrotherapy, thalassotherapy and phytotherapy. Absorbing these elements, the E’SPA philosophy is focused upon enhancing an individual’s lifestyle in a way that is both holistic and versatile. Above all, the commitment is to use products and treatments that really work.


Turn your Soul into Gold

Diana Spa

Diana Spa

Exclusive Treatments

Diana Spa Body Massage - 60min. €120 | 90min. €180

A unique combination of special Asian massage techniques – including points of acupressure and smooth stretches. Ideal for relieving pain and muscle tension, restoring balance between body and mind. Deep tissue massage.

Diana Spa Scrub - 40min. €70

A nutritive mix with the relaxing power of lavender. Has relaxing properties for the nervous system, removing the aura of negativity. Stimulates the circulatory system.

Diana Spa Conventual Treatment - 2h. €210

Soak up the relaxing scent of lavender in a body scrub, followed by a Diana Spa massage, ending this moment of pure well-being with a massage of the face and head.



Olive Oil Convento do Espinheiro

Convento do Espinheiro Body Massage - 60min. €120 | 90min. €180

The hydrating power of the exclusive Convento do Espinheiro olive oil flavoured with lemon or rosemary, combined with a deeply relaxing massage, providing a sense of well-being unique and incomparable.

Body Scrub Convento do Espinheiro - 40min. €70

The moisturising essence of our exclusive oil and detoxifying power of sea salt, for a deep cleansing of the skin, leaving it moisturised, fresh and bright.

Conventual Treatment - 2h. €200

An exfoliation with our exclusive olive oil with sea salt, followed by a massage Convento do Espinheiro, culminating this moment of pure relaxation with a head massage.

Convento do Espinheiro Facial - 60min. €100

Facial treatment based on the properties of olive oil and wheat germ. Indicated for all types of skins, promoting hydration, cleansing and natural shine.



Aromatherapy Massage - 30min. €50 | 60min. €100 | 90min. €140

Aromatherapy massage is characterised by being essential, professional and specific, using a blend of oils individually chosen. A personal consultation ensures that you receive a one of a kind treatment, suitable to your needs.

Holistic Massage - 90min. €140

Begins with a full body scrub and a massage using combined essential oils, followed by a face and head massage.

Holistic Massage Back, Face and Head - 90min. €120

The experience begins with an intensive back scrub, followed by a massage with aromatic oils. This is followed by a luxurious facial combined with an oriental head massage, which provides an enormous sense of well-being between body and mind.

Salt and Oil Scrub - 25min. €50

This treatment with salt and oils will leave your body refreshed and cleansed and your skin smooth and revitalised. As for the exfoliation, the oils will be slowly absorbed to help restore lost vitality and protect against dryness.

Oriental Head Massage - 25min. €45

This is a deeply relaxing treatment, where pressure is made on the vital energy points, relieving accumulated tension on the head, neck and shoulders, stimulating circulation and conferring a pleasurable sensation of well-being.

Invigorating Foot Treatment - 25min. €50

Treatment for tired and swollen feet, starting with an exfoliation and invigorating massage. Ideal for the end of the day.

Tratamentos Especiais



Relaxing Massage - 60min. €90

Massage focused on the relief of accumulated muscular tension. The sensation of muscular relaxation, enables the mental release, providing a feeling of holistic serenity.

Detoxifier Massage - 60min. €90

This is the perfect treatment to support a weight-loss or a detox program. It uses a detoxifying blend of cleansing citrus oils, known to have natural diuretic properties.

Stress Relieving Massage - 60min. €90

This treatment is ideal for stress relief, accumulated tension na anxiety. It can also help on insomnia situations, being a perfect treatment for the end of the day.

Hot Stones Massage - 75min. €120 | Hot and Cold Stones Massage - 75min. €130

The purpose of this massage is to create harmony between the body’s energy and the energy offered by nature. An exclusive ritual which combines cold and hot stones, used to massage and pressure different areas of the body.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage – 30min. €60

Specific treatment for the elimination of toxins, swelling and fluid retention. Preparation for many detoxifying treatments, namely, anti-cellulite massage and / or detoxifying massage.

Anti-cellulite Massage – 30min. €70

The anti-cellulite massage incorporates a set of helpful movements and techniques to remove localised fat, reduces the liquid retention and consequent loss of body volume. Combat sagging body and benefits the muscle tone, reaffirming the skin, for a perfect silhouette.

Faciais Intensivos

Intensive Facials

Natural Products

Re-Hydrator Facial - 60min. €80

This intensive facial is ideal for dry, dehydrated, flaky skin requiring hydration and moisture. It is an excellent regenerating boost for normal and dry skins.

Re-Balancing Facial - 60min. €80

This facial is ideal for oily, congested, problematic skin or those suffering from hormonal imbalance. This deep cleansing, oil-controlling facial helps to regulate oil secretions whilst refining open pores, this facial uses products with naturally decongesting and anti-inflammatory to help soothe, calm, rebalance and encourage a clear complexion.

Skin Brightener Facial - 60min. €80

This rejuvenating facial is perfect for all skin conditions and particularly when environmental stress, business pressure, illness or lack of sleep can leave you with dull, lifeless, sallow skin. This facial improve the radiance, appearance and texture of the skin.

De-Sensitizer - 60min. €80

A specifically gentle facial for truly sensitive, fragile skin that is prone to redness and irritation.

Anti-Aging Facial - 60min. €90

A totally luxurious regenerating facial treatment especially created to help combat the signs of ageing and sun damaged skin.

Men´s Cleansing Facial – 60min. €80

With specific male skincare products, this treatment is ideal for deep cleansing, invigorating and moisturizing for a smoother, fresher shave.

Express Facial - 30min. €50

The products used are carefully selected in accordance with your skin type. The treatment includes a face scrub, the application of essential oils, a tonic and a moisturising ritual, leaving the skin fresh and luminous.


Ultimate Body Wraps

ESPA Treatments

Detoxifying - 60min. €90

Designed to boost the metabolism and speed up the elimination of toxins. The treatment includes a full head massage using individually chosen essential oils for total relaxation.

Body Toner Wrap - 60min. €90

Luxurious way to help restore skin tonicity, ideal after weight loss or pregnancy; deeply nurturing and moisturising, this wrap leaves the skin smooth, toned and nourished.

Hydrator - 60min. €90

Returns the natural hydration to dry skin, leaving it soft and smooth. Also ideal to prolong the Tan or prepare the skin for a special occasion.

Muscle Relaxer - 60min. €90

The muscle relaxer is soothing and warming, and eases tension and tightness in the muscles helping to ease mobility and reduce aches and pains.



Water Treatments

Mineral and Detoxifying Bath - 20min. €50

It detoxifies the body and stimulates the lymphatic system and it’s ideal as a complement to the detoxifying body treatment.

Salt and Oil Bath - 20min. €50

This bath is a unique, calming and relaxing experience. It helps to balance emotions, eliminate stress and it’s an ideal end of the day treatment.

Futuras Mamãs

Future Mums

The pampering you deserve

Apricot Kernel Scrub - 30min. €50

The apricot stone scrub is mixed with the calming Aloe and the refreshing mint. It is ideal to stimulate circulation and for refining and toning the skin.

Back Massage - 30min. €55

This back massage is an extremely relaxing moment during pregnancy.

Massage for Tired Legs - 30min. €55

This is the ideal treatment to activate blood circulation, offering a sense of lightness to tired legs.

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