Alentejo’s Magic

The Alentejo cuisine uses simple and indigenous products, to create meals where the pleasure of eating is like a cultural act. From these flavours, the Chef Jorge Peças and his team create their science, from olive oil, obtaind from “galega” and “cordovil” olives, meat from the “montado”, “Guadalupe” bread or the fresh herbs that grow spontaneously on the Alentejo plains…

And because this style of cuisine needs love, imagination and art, it gives us a great pleasure to prepare this table, for you and your friends, so that you may have a memorable meal.

Dear Guest, please inform us of any allergy or special dietary requirements that we should be made aware of, when preparing your menu request.

Divinus Dish

Chef's Philosophy

Born, raised and trained in Alentejo, Jorge Peças passion for gastronomy led him to the cooking course at the Alentejo Region Vocational School, shortly after which he joined the demanding cuisine of the Divinus restaurant at Convento do Espinheiro in 2006.

Discreet, perfectionist, genuine, reflective, cordial, these are adjectives that suit our Chef. It shows the value of a collective work project of many good professionals who passionately live the challenge of making the restaurant Divinus a national reference in the art of gastronomy.

Chef's Philosophy
Divinus Restaurant in Convento
Divinus Restaurant
Divinus Restaurant
Divinus - A perfect symbiosis
Name intended to consecrate all that is superior to Nature. The words sublime, perfect and wonderful will fit here as long as the hand of Man develops the 9th Art - gastronomy - with perfection and authenticity.
Opening hours

Monday to Sunday: 7pm – 10pm
T. +351 266 788 200

Olive Restaurant - Close-up
Olive Restaurant - Main Table
Olive Restaurant - Side Table
Olive - A different Italian touch
Located in the former kitchen of the monks who lived in the Convent, OLIVE restaurant offers an unpretentious and relaxed atmosphere and a menu inspired by Italian cuisine, respecting the tradition and quality of the ingredients. Delicious thin, crispy and tasty pizzas are the menu icons.
Opening hours

Flexible according to season
Contact for details
T. +351 266 788 200

Unique Site in Alentejo
Claustro Lounge - Meals with history
Many historians point precisely to the Cloister of the Convent as one of the first Renaissance examples in Évora, which will have precisely in the thirties of the sixteenth century its highest moment to coincide with the presence of King D. João III in the city five consecutive years (from 1532 to 1537). Enjoy a light and relaxed meal in the emblematic Cloisters area.
Cloister Bar - Classically enjoyable
The Cloister Bar is located next to the magnificent Manueline cloisters of the Espinheiro Convent, once elected by the Jerónimos monks as a place for reading and contemplation. Enjoy this unique and relaxing environment for a drink of your choice prepared by our experienced Barmen, or a light snack from our menu with a selection of Mediterranean dishes.
Cisterna Wine Bar
Cisterna Wine Bar - For wine lovers
Amid the magic of the arcades where monks once held rainwater, for centuries past we present the drink of the gods. National and international nectars distributed in this space will bring back to life those who began the fermentation of grape juice.
Pool Bar in Évora
Pool Bar - Enjoy poolside cocktails
As spring arrives in Alentejo, enjoy our climate and breathtaking Alentejo landscape at the Aqua Lounge Pool Bar while savoring a selection of tapas, salads or a refreshing cocktail in a modern setting.
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