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Natal em familia no Alentejo no Convento do Espinheiro

Gather your family to celebrate Christmas, click on the image to learn more >

Friday, 24 of December 2021

Join us on the last night of the year! Alice in Wonderland - Let us guide you on a transformative journey that will touch your spirit and enrich your life. Click on the image for more info and prices ​​>

Friday, December 31, 2021

Live Music with Pedro Peças

16 Years of the Convento do Espinheiro with Live Music

Music to see and hear in the Bar Claustro of our Convent.

Friday, October 1st / Monday, October 4th / Saturday, November 6th

Tour in Évora

Tour in Évora

We offer our guests a historic tour with a certified guide. Exclusive tour to Évora's best kept secrets. Registration required.

Tuesday, October 5th / Sunday, October 17th / Monday, November 1st

New Menu - New Flavors

Divinus Flavors

New flavors, new aromas, warmer and more intense because it's autumn. Discover the new collection of flavors from the Divinus Restaurant menu, with the best seasonal ingredients, carefully selected by the Chef.

Friday, October 29th


Gin Workshop

Taste our exclusive Halloween cocktails while enjoying a live music concert.

Sunday, October 31st

Olive Oil Tasting & Live Music

Olive Oil Tasting & Live Music

Mythical, biblical, Romanesque and historic, "olive-oil always surfaces". Olive-oil has always been present in the lives and culture of the Portuguese people, whether rich or poor. In Portugal, the culture of the olive-tree goes back for many centuries...

Sunday, November 7th
St. Martin's Special Dinner

Join us to celebrate St. Martin's day at the emblematic Divinus restaurant. Delicious delicacies of the Alentejo gastronomy, with an exclusive menu prepared by Chef Jorge Peças for this celebration, where chestnuts will be the main ingredient. Reservation required, click on image for menu and prices >

Thursday, November 11th (Dinner)


A flavor perpetuated from a centuries-old tradition, the chestnut is a fruit rich in flavors, it combines perfectly with young and fresh wines, enjoy your stay at the Convento do Espinheiro to discover this centuries-old combination of flavors.

Saturday, November 13th

In the Garden with Our Chef

Ceviche Workshop

Get to know the aromatic herbs that grows in the monastery's vegetable garden, embark on a journey of knowledge and flavors.

Saturday, November 20th

Concert with Miramar Música

Concert with Miramar Música

Although they come from different latitudes and have different experiences, Frankie Chavez and Peixe are united by their work with the guitar. Together they are Miramar. A very special concert in which music will have as a backdrop the historical heritage of Portugal, the Convento do Espinheiro.

Saturday, November 27th

Alentejo Cheeses

Alentejo Cheeses

Tasting of cheeses produced in Alentejo, despite the evolution of times and new technologies, traditional cheeses remain true to the customs of the region where it is inserted and the old techniques used.

Sunday, November 28th

Meetings & Events

Convento do Espinheiro is the unique place for the fulfillment of special meetings and events.

Reuniões & Eventos

The best Iberian resort


With a total of 92 rooms, including 5 suites, select your favorite ambience and decide between a room of the new ward, with a modern decoration inspired by the 50's or, if you prefer, a conventual luxurious decorated room.

wellness spa tratamento


Considered the best Spa in Portugal in 2009 by the World Travel Awards and in 2018 by the World Luxury Spa Awards, our Spa is the perfect retreat with a luxurious atmosphere, in a place where the most modern therapies are located at.

wellness spa tratamento


We invite our guests to use our fitness center.


Swimming Pool

Enjoy the 17m indoor swimming pool with massage showers or simply relax in the Jacuzzi while admiring the extraordinary views of the hotel gardens. The Health Centre also features a Turkish bath and Sauna.

wine bar
Wine Lovers

Cisterna Wine Bar

Formally a gothic water deposit during the 15th Century, the Cisterna Wine Bar has now become a must for any wine lover. Experience the exquisite collection of fine wines produced in this renowned region with expert sommelier. Discover how local wineries produce and select the richest of grapes for their produce. Private wine tasting available and must be pre booked at reception.

Restaurante divinus


Embark on a unique gastronomic journey and taste the traditional flavours of the local gastronomy, which harmoniously with the Mediterranean cuisine. Located in the former wine cellar used by the monks, Divinus is a gourmet restaurant where you may enjoy a unique experience in an atmosphere filled with the richness of its heritage.

Restaurants and Bars
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