Meetings at Convento do Espinheiro, a Luxury Collection Hotel & Spa, Evora

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Guided tour of the Convent


Participate in a journey into the secrets of this beautiful monument. Convento do Espinheiro was frequently visited by kings and other nobles who chose the convent as a haven for contemplation.  

Amongst these ancient walls you will find history and legends that are part of the heritage left by the Hieronymite monks who lived here in the past...

From flour to bread in the Convent’s ancient oven


During many centuries, the Hieronymus monks who lived in this convent baked their own bread.

On this day, you will be able to relive these days with our Chef and by the ancient oven, now recovered, learn a few tricks about the ancestral art of bread baking. 

Gourmet cooking Classes with our Executive Chef


In a unique atmosphere cook your own meal, following the steps of our Chef while sipping some wine.

When ready, have a seat and enjoy your meal.  

Workshop: Fusion of Moroccan and Alentejo Cuisine


Alentejo region, where gastronomy is filled with the presence of Muslim inheritance!

Our Chef proposes to us this symbiosis of flavours and traditions in a workshop of Moroccan and Alentejo Cuisine.

Convento Desserts workshop


As of the 16th century, the abundance of sugar, and the eggs and cereals that the convents received in exchange for the rent of their land, were in the origin of the vast number of recipes of convent desserts which have lasted until today.

The ancient kitchen of Convento do Espinheiro is the perfect spot which has been chosen to evoke these delicious creations, under the guidance of our Chef, in a workshop filled with flavours and...calories

Our delicious jams

Our Chef invites you to take sweet journey into the past, filled with flavours and tradition.

After picking several different fruits at their perfect point of maturity, we are ready to prepare some delicious jams which we can later delight ourselves in, during the cold winter months, just as our grandparents used to do, in the days when the words “fridge” and “supermarket” were not yet part of the vocabulary.

In the end, each participant will take home, not only some jars of jam, but also a valuable collection of recipes, which may later be shared with family and friends

P.S. This activity is only recommended for those with a sweet tooth…

Mythical, biblical, Romanesque and historic, "olive-oil always surfaces"


Olive-oil has always been present in the lives and culture of the Portuguese people, whether rich or poor.

In Portugal, the culture of the olive-tree goes back for many centuries.

Wine tasting


At the end of these wine tasting sessions, you shall be able to:

  • Make the distinction between drinking and tasting wine
  • Analyse the presentation, aroma and taste of a particular wine
  • Describe a particular wine using the appropriate terminology
  • Be knowledgeable of the general practices of Wine

Bartending workshop


The main objective of this workshop is to teach a little about the history of the bartending, to show a few of the most common and to motivate participants to practice the art of cocktails making.

During this workshop, you may learn to prepare several cocktails which you can later prepare at home, whether before a dinner gathering or during a sunny afternoon, or even a cold winter evening.

The Convento do Espinheiro is the ideal place to host your  special event as it features various types of facilities and is surrounded by 8 hectares of beautiful gardens, making it the perfect setting to enjoy the relaxing Alentejo countryside.