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Convento do Espinheiro, a Luxury Collection Hotel & Spa, Evora
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Classified by UNESCO as A World Heritage Site

Évora is the inevitable reference point for anyone coming to the Alentejo inspired by the theme of Heritage. Learn More>


Cante Alentejano

Polyphonic singing from Alentejo, southern Portugal Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity

Cante Alentejano is a genre of traditional two-part singing performed by amateur choral groups in southern Portugal, characterized by distinctive melodies, lyrics and vocal styles, and performed without instrumentation. Learn More>


Manufacture of cowbells

Intangible Cultural Heritage in Need of Urgent Safeguarding

The Portuguese cowbell is an idiophone percussion instrument with a single internal clapper, usually hung on a leather strap around an animal’s neck. It is traditionally used by shepherds to locate and control their livestock...Learn more> 



Time To Be Happy

The Alentejo is, without any doubt, a Destination that marks the difference in terms of experiences, it is a destination of excellence which offers History, breathtaking scenery, gastronomy, excellent wines and numerous experiences which will put you in the mood to get lost in the region...



World Heritage by UNESCO since 1986

Dominating the Alentejo plain lies Évora, city of an outstanding beauty, classified as World Heritage by UNESCO since 1986. With a diversified offer, not only historical and cultural heritage, but also in terms of gastronomy and wines, here you can discover the true flavors of the regional gastronomy, in the numerous restaurants hidden in medieval streets, surrounded by Roman walls. Enjoy an authentic open-air museum, during a hike or a pleasant carriage ride.

There are various leisure activities, such as the wineries that offer wine tastings and  regional products of extremely high quality, as well as pleasant horseback ridinghunting or fishing tours,safariscanoeingballoon rides, a kart race, or even a parachute jump. The clock Museum, the Évora Museum or Palace of Cadaval.  Évora has so much to offer you ...

For a more relaxing day, why not visit some of the picturesque Alentejo towns and villages such as Monsaraz, Arraiolos, Estremoz, Borba and Vila Viçosa, not forgetting the wonderful Alqueva artificial lake – the largest in Europe which was also the first in the world to be a certified reserve for stargazing.


Giraldo Square



Gastronomy and Wines

It is usually said  that the Alentejo gastronomy is all about bread, olive-oil and aromatic herbs, and thus, it sounds very simple. But its secrets are ancient. Recipes have passed down from one generation to the other, and with them, the secrets which elevate the flavours to an unrivalled exuberance. The Alentejo offers an unforgettable experience in terms of flavours, accompanied by structured red wines with dense aromas or fruity, intense white wines.

The perfection of this experience of flavours justifies several trips to this region – just one is not enough...


Alentejo Region

Points of Interest

Let the Convento do Espinheiro, Hotel & Spa be your ideal starting point to explore everything and plan a few days just for you and your family. 

Our concierge will be at your service to prepare a roadmap for exploring the charming Alentejo region.

Arraiolos Tapestries

Woven through the centuries, the Arraiolos carpets are the result of the work and art of various generations and are still produced today.

The historical town of Monsaraz

The history of Monsaraz goes back to pré-historic times, having been occupied by romans, visigods, arabs and jews. The unmatched beauty of the city is enough to justify a visit.

Duques de Bragança Palace in Vila Viçosa

Small in size but large in beauty, Vila Viçosa – known as the Princess of the Alentejo -  is one of those places that must not be missed.  The abundance of natural resources like stone has also given Vila Viçosa the title of “Capital of Marble”, and marble is in fact, the motor of the region’s economy as Vila Viçosa exports its natural resource to various countries around the world. 

S. Pedro do Corval Pottery

Typical Alentejo small village, nearby Reguengos de Monsaraz, São Pedro do Croval is widely known for its handmade pottery. In fact, in São Pedro do Corval is situated the biggest clay-handicraftsman community, with about 35 pottery factories.

Azaruja Cork Factory (Portugal is the world's largest producer of Cork)

Situated in the parish of s. Bento do Mato, 19 km from the city of Évora, Azaruja is a pleasant village, of particular charms by the simplicity and the kindness of its people. In the 19th century, became the main centre of the Alentejo Cork by fixing English and Catalans in the village of Azaruja. The permanence of people of other nationalities influenced the way of being of the population, customs and even the local cuisine.

Traditional cheeses of the Alentejo

The origin of Alentejo cheese is lost in time, the dairy Cachopas follows the tradition by contributing to this range of products. Benefitting from excellent weather conditions, as well as the assurance given by the milk produced in our region, the Cachopas cheese preserves the actual quality of Alentejo products conquering the most demanding connoisseurs

Monte Selvagem - So much to discover…

A day spent at Monte Selvagem is an unforgettable adventure for bath the grow up as well as for little ones. It is an opportunity to have fun combined with the learning of many things about animals, plants and regional games.

Fluviário de Mora

Learn all about the freshwater fishes biodiversity and reptiles of the Alentejo Region

Equestrian centre of the Herdade da Mata

Learn how to set up or improve your riding with an instructor and with new facilities.  Herdade da Mata facilities meet the perfect conditions for the practice of horseback riding.

Alqueva - Amieira Marina

Alqueva artificial lake – the largest in Europe which was also the first in the world to be a certified reserve for stargazing. Amieira Marina offers two types of river cruises on the Great Lake Alqueva that can be achieved through small cruises or by performing cruise stay in Houseboat, a concept often used in France and the rest of Europe that Amieira Marina created as a destination in Portugal in the Great Lake Alqueva, in the heart of the Alentejo.


Mountain bike tours in "Ecopista"

The Alentejo is renowned for its outdoor sporting facilities. If adventure is your passion, then this region is your playground. Experience an array of outdoor sports from BTT biking along the 60Km "Ecopista" and hiking to hotel air ballon and discovering the Alentejo in a helicopter. Rent a bike, will be delivery at the hotel>

Herdade da Amendoeira

Herdade da Amendoeira is a project integrating activities, such as, agriculture, animal production and small agro-business: ecotourism, pure-bred limousin, hunting, fishing, sheep and goat cheese production, Destilaria Montemorense (distilled liquors), honey, jams, smoked sausages of black Alentejano pig, and a farm shop.

Évora Kartodorme – Pure Adrenalin

Évora’s kartodrome was inaugurated in November 1987 and being the first in Portugal, it contributed highly to the growth and development of kart racing in our country. Its track has 908 metres in perimeter and is 7 metres wide and there are 70 go-karts available for rent, mechanic boxes, changing rooms, restaurant and reception. At the kartodrome you may also enjoy several medieval games such as archery and others.

Skydive Portugal

The Alentejo Heaven brings happiness...The Tandem jump or the Parachute Jump is the adventure experience most popular in Portugal, and the easiest way to do a parachute jump. A unique and fantastic experience, full of unforgettable moments.


In the Alentejo you can find great scenery and a unique balance between nature, heritage, culture and gastronomy. With TurAventur you can discover this balance on foot, on bike, on Jeep or by canoe. 

Cartuxa Winery 

The fabulous Cartuxa winery presents an outstanding wine offer. Wines such as the Pera Manca, Cartuxa  or EA, have the ability to provide you with a unique experience...

Herdade do Esporão

The Convento do Espinheiro suggests a visit to the historic Herdade do Esporão. Its Wine is integrated in the World Wine Route and was the first to be certified in Portugal. Let yourself be carried away by flavours and aromas of wines and oils of quality.

Herdade dos Grous

We recommend a guided tour with a wine tasting session, as well as its restaurant.

The Lovers Rock

The 'Rocha das Namorados' is actually a natural granite outcrop. The stone has several large 'dimples' or 'cup-marks' on it, a common feature on Neolithic remains, although there is no way of proving their origin or meaning.
Local tradition has given the stone a certain 'pathos'. It is said that if a woman stands with her back to it and throws stones onto it, the number of attempts represents how many years it will be until she gets married.

Escoural Cave

The Prehistoric Rock-Art Site of Escoural is a structure known for its Paleolithic-era rock-art and funerary burial site. The earliest vestiges of human occupation date back to 50,000 years B.C. (pertaining to the middle Paleolithic), associated with the interior of the cave. The first occupants of the cave came from groups of Neanderthal hunter-gatherers, who used the cave as a temporary shelter in order to hunt.

Almendres Megalithic Site

This is the largest megalithic monument in the Iberian Peninsula and one of the oldest of Humanity´s monuments in Europe (V M. BC).

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Let the Convento do Espinheiro, Hotel & Spa be your ideal starting point to explore everything and plan a few days just for you and your family. Our concierge will be at your service to prepare a roadmap for exploring the charming Alentejo region.